More than 3,000 Audi Automobiles Will Arrive in Chengdu by CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains

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  In the next few days, Chengdu will import more than 3,000 Audi finished automobiles by CRE Trains, which is the largest batch of imports of Audi by CRE Trains.

  Liang Min, head of marketing department of Chengdu International Railway Port Investment & Development (Group) Co., Ltd., said that importing finished automobiles by CRE Trains (Chengdu) is a new attempt of large-scale transportation by Audi AG of Volkswagen Group in Germany. Previously, Audi's finished automobiles were usually imported by sea ro-ro ships from Bremerhaven in Germany to Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other coastal ports, and then transported to inland cities for sale. The whole journey by sea took 40 to 50 days, while the journey by CRE Trains took only 1/3 of that by sea.

  Relevant officials of Chengdu International Railway Port Administration Commission said that up to now, Chengdu International Railway Port has imported and exported a total of nearly 7,000 finished automobiles, and has formed an automobile service industry system with a complete industrial chain consisting of parallel automobile imports, finished automobile (automobile imported through formal customs) import and export exhibition, sales, maintenance, financial services, etc.

  It is reported that Chengdu International Railway Port will speed up the development of high-end service industries such as international transit, international procurement, and international entrepot trade of finished automobiles, and will help Chengdu to become a distribution center for finished automobile import and export in western China.

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