CRCT Europe Logistics GmbH Established

?Published:2019-12-19 ?【字体:??

  Recently, CRCT Europe Logistics GmbH, set up by China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. in Duisburg, Germany, was officially established.

  In recent years, the CRE trains operating between Chinese cities and Duisburg in Germany has increasingly shown the "pulse" effect of unblocked corridors, expanded trades, gathered industries and promoted investments. Duisburg has become one of the most important nodes with the widest routes, the most frequent trips, the largest freight volume and the largest freight value in CHINA RAILWAY Express. At present, there are about 35 to 40 CRE trains running between Duisburg Port and Chinese cities per week on a regular basis. In particular, the proportion of go-and-return trips is more reasonable and all cars are basically loaded in both go and return trips. With the continuous extension of the routes and functions of CRE train, a "new artery" of international logistics across the Asia-Europe continent is being formed, which helps deepen the integration of international logistics, international trade, international capacity cooperation and international industrial chains.

  China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. will give full play to the regional advantages of its European subsidiary, strengthen its ties with local governments, railways in various countries and logistics and production enterprises on the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, realize mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, jointly promote the high-quality development of CRE trains and better serve the construction of "the Belt and Road Initiative".

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