CHINA RAILWAY Express for Procurement Trade Successfully Launched

?Published:2019-12-23 ?【字体:??

  Recently, a CRE train for market procurement trade (Chengdu to Minsk) started from Chengdu International Railway Port, crossed the Chinese border at Alataw Pass in Xinjiang and finally arrived in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

  This freight train originating from Chengdu International Railway Port is full of toys, clothing, shoes and hats, general merchandise and other goods from Chengdu International Trade City, with a total of 41 containers. These cargoes are declared for export by the mode of "market procurement trade", which is a transportation mode specially customized by Chengdu International Railway Port according to the needs of market entities in terms of export channels, train customization, transportation speed, etc. A special training session was held on the piloting of export customs clearance in the mode of market procurement trade, and coordination was made with relevant authorities and companies to ensure the smooth operation of these trains.

  In recent years, Chengdu International Railway Port has provided a more efficient and convenient customs clearance method for the pilot of market procurement trade in Chengdu. It will further meet the customs clearance needs of customers at home and abroad, "developing Chengdu into a start-point for all-around strategic channels and a pivot for opening-up in all industries", and assist Chengdu in building international gateway hub city.

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