CHINA RAILWAY Express Promotes Foreign Trade in Central Zhejiang

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  At 9:03 on December 16, this year's 100th CRE train in Jinhua, Zhejiang, fully loaded with 100 standard containers of cargo, departed from Jinhua South Station and headed west to Uzbekistan. According to statistics, from January to November this year, the railway sector launched 516 CRE trains from Yiwu, Jinhua and other central Zhejiang areas, delivered a total of 41,540 TEUs, up 51.7% year-on-year, which has energized the foreign trades in these areas.

  As the "south gate" of the Yangtze River Delta, the central Zhejiang has a developed private economy and vigorous foreign trades. Yiwu, as an important node for China's Belt and Road Initiative and the first pilot city for comprehensive international trade reform approved by the State Council, has sold 1.8 million kinds of petty commodities to places all over the world. In order to speed up the logistics and reduce the comprehensive export cost, the railway sector, relying on its own advantages, has vigorously promoted CRE trains and assisted enterprises in central Zhejiang to expand the global market. Since the operation of the first CRE train (Yiwu - Madrid) on November 18, 2014, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd., in cooperation with China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. and under the substantial support of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., increased railway investment in Yiwu, provided "fixed price" and "one-package" services by adopting measures such as setting customs supervision sites at the freight yards, and promoted the highway-to-railway diversion for export cargoes. It elaborately formulated operation plans for CRE trains and reduced customers’ logistics costs, and by attracting customers to railway transport, it aims to build CHINA RAILWAY Express into an influential brand. Since the beginning of this year, the railway sector has rapidly increased the traffic volume of CRE trains originating from Yiwu, reaching a maximum of 21 trains per week. Currently, 11 CHINA RAILWAY Express routes have been established.

  The railway sector has actively enhanced the freight organization for CRE train from different places, vigorously promoted the advantages of CRE trains in Zhuji, Wenzhou and other places, worked closely with the local government to expand the major railway international logistics corridors connecting central Asia and Europe, improved the local facilitation for international logistics, and promoted more "Made in Wenzhou" and "Made in Zhuji" cargoes to take the CRE trains via short barges.

  To better integrate into the Belt and Road Initiative and attract logistics and foreign trade enterprises to gather in Jinhua, the railway sector, based on the freight yard of Jinhua South Station, jointly built the intermodal transport terminal port in central Zhejiang with local government to increase the proportion of railway transportation and reduce the logistics cost of foreign trade commodities. Since the beginning of this year, the number of CRE trains originating from Jinhua has increased significantly, basically realizing the normal operation of 2 to 3 trains per week, with container shipments increasing by 88% year on year, serving over 600 export enterprises.

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