CHINA RAILWAY Express (Chengdu) Sees a Gratifying Growth

?Published:2020-03-19 ?【字体:??

  As of March 5, China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. has originated 102 CRE trains (4,419 cars) in 2020, up 17 trains (893 cars) from the same period last year. With the orderly resumption of work and production in enterprises, there are 5 CRE trains (Chengdu) in operation per day transporting cargoes such as electronic products, automobiles and clothing to Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries.

  While ensuring the epidemic prevention and control, China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. has gradually resumed the normal operation of CRE trains and promoted the increase of international train traffic. Both the number of operated CRE trains and the overseas orders grow dramatically.

  Affected by the epidemic, some customers have switched to railway transportation. To attract more new freight sources, the railway sector has stepped up its marketing and promotion efforts of CRE trains to have more freight being collected and distributed in Chengdu.

  In order to meet the diversified transportation needs of customers and further expand the coverage of customers, in addition to the "common trains", China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. has also regularly operated the "customized trains", which has effectively increased the freight sources for CRE trains, and at the same time met the demand for the resumption of work and production in construction, decoration and other infrastructure projects in China.

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