Customized Trains helps Heilongjiang's Foreign Trade Enterprises Recover

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  On March 20, the foreign trade train carrying 1,320 tons of cargoes departed from Zhaodong Station to Dalian Port, where it will be transshipped to ferries heading to Denmark, Brazil and other countries and regions. Up to now, the foreign trade trains operated by China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Jiyi Logistics Co., Ltd. have carried more than 500 cars of cargoes, representing a 72% increase in freight volume compared with that in February when the foreign trade train is initially operated.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to help the enterprises resume work and production. It has maintained the smooth transportation on "major arteries" to enable the delivery of grain processing foreign trade orders and satisfy the enterprises' transportation needs. Up to now, the foreign trade trains has carried over 15,000 tons of cargoes to a wider market, which has expanded from Japan, South Korea, Denmark and Brazil to 13 countries and regions including Ukraine, Argentina and Poland. The freight sources have also becoming more abundant, which has extended from the fodder to corn oil, lysine, syrup, starch and other categories.

  Zhaodong Chengfu Food Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise of agricultural industrialization with intensive processing of corn as its mainstay. Cargoes now can be sold abroad via foreign trade trains. Yang Guang, general manager of the company, said: "many thanks to the railway sector for helping us to transport the overstock goods and fulfill the foreign trade orders. Our foreign trade business is back on track."

  While providing customized rail-sea intermodal transport services for enterprises, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. is also actively leveraging the export transport edges of CRE trains. Since the beginning of this year, 867 "Heilongjiang-made" automobiles have taken CRE trains to Europe via Manzhouli Port. In the same period, the CRE trains entering and leaving China via Suifenhe Station, Heilongjiang's largest port station, increased 21% year on year. China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. will continue to integrate its advantageous foreign trade export resources to further help foreign trade enterprises tide over difficulties.

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