China Railway Implements “Millions of Talents Program”

?Published:2019-04-09 ?【字体:??

  To fully implement the strategy of “reinvigorating railways by talents” and build a high-quality and professional railway talent team, China Railway launched the “Millions of Talents Program” since 2017. According to the “Implementation Plan” of the program, it is planned to cultivate about 100 technical experts, 1,000 professional leaders and 10,000 professional top-notch talents in 16 key professional fields in 3 years. These talents will be built based on the principle of "application-oriented, selection and cultivation in parallel" in a bid to build a supporting backbone talent echelon in layers. Meanwhile, with the “Millions of Talents Program” as an important means, efforts should be made to improve the mechanism of innovative talents, create a good working environment for talents, and promote the construction of the overall railway talent team. Currently, China Railway has selected and announced 45 professional experts, 496 professional leaders and 3,077 top-notch talents.

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