Publicity of AIDS Prevention Launched in Stations and Trains

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  On November 29, the Chengdu Disease Prevention and Control Office of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. organized the AIDS prevention publicity activities in the waiting hall of Chengdu East Station and on the D1922 train from Chengdu East Station to Xi'an North Station.

  December 1 is World AIDS Day. The theme of this year's "World AIDS Day" is "Communities Make the Difference".

  At the site, staff members of Chengdu Disease Prevention and Control Office wore red ribbons and distributed free AIDS prevention publicity brochures, resident health brochures and other materials to passengers, explaining AIDS prevention knowledge and AIDS transmission routes, publicizing relevant national policies on AIDS prevention and control, guiding passengers to face AIDS squarely, not to discriminate against AIDS patients, to care for AIDS patients around, to establish a scientific concept of AIDS prevention and control, and to create a good atmosphere for all people to participate in AIDS prevention and control.

  At the information distribution counter, passengers stopped to watch and ask for relevant information from time to time. The official of the disease control department of Chengdu Disease Prevention and Control Office said: "We launch AIDS prevention and control publicity activities to enable more passengers to take the initiative to participate in AIDS prevention and control work, advocate examination and awareness of AIDS infection status and then take prevention and control measures to effectively control AIDS."

  On that day, nearly 1,000 copies of various publicity materials were distributed at the site.

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