Party Committee of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. Commits Itself to Poverty Alleviation

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  Taking the poverty alleviation as an important strategy for the railway sector to serve the local economic and social development and benefit the people, the Party Committee of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has further enhanced its political awareness, sense of responsibility and action consciousness. Each member organization of poverty alleviation and development has strengthened the targeted guidance in poverty-stricken areas, held poverty alleviation work promotion meetings in each quarter, sorted out and mastered the implementation against the project list, studied and formulated rectification measures and incorporated them into the scope of inspection work of the Party Committee of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd., and urged all units to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities.

  Lianggang Village in Binhai County is located in northern Jiangsu. The village has 510 households, 110 of which are of low income. It is a provincial-level poverty-stricken village. Cui Can from the Xinchang Track Maintenance Depot joined the provincial-level poverty alleviation team and has been the village's first secretary since 2016. Knowing that black goats are profitable and can be raised separately, which can drive more poor families out of poverty, Cui Can set up a goat cooperative with 27 low-income farmers, raising more than 500 goats. Good quality has attracted many railway units to purchase for many years, increasing the average income of farmers by more than RMB 2,000.

  The party organizations at all levels of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. have given full play to their organizational advantages, highlighted the requirement of "targeted poverty alleviation" and taken specific measures to win the battle against poverty.

  "Poverty alleviation is in our heart, the well-off society goes with Binhai County" On the morning of April 10, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. donated more than RMB 160,000 to Lianggang Village, Binhuai Town, Binhai County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, the targeted poverty alleviation village. The donation was made by 1944 people from 38 departments. The Party Committee of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Working Committee of the Nanjing Railway Office will use all the RMB 187,000 raised to help Lianggang Village Primary School build an audio-visual education room, distribute Tengfei student aid funds, assist poverty-stricken village households and repair village primary schools and kindergartens.

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