Party Committee of China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. Shoulders Responsibility of Targeted Assistance

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  As early as 2012, China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. began to undertake the targeted assistance for 3 villages, including Yaoshan Village, Shuangming Town, Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. In 2018, the company also shouldered the targeted assistance to Lingxia Village, Donggang Town, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City. In order to help poor villages shake off poverty as soon as possible, the Party Committee of China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. regards it as a major political task to focus on Party building and promote poverty alleviation, and takes a number of effective measures to help poverty-stricken villages get off poverty as soon as possible.

  In accordance with the spirit of the superiors, the Party Committee of China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. consciously shouldered the political responsibility of poverty alleviation. It hosted four special conferences to study the measures for poverty alleviation through industry, consumption and Party building. Through five in-depth investigations at the poverty alleviation sites, in view of the problems of delayed start-up of targeted poverty alleviation projects and insufficient poverty alleviation publicity, it has made timely and specific arrangements to give full play to the industry advantages of railways in targeted poverty alleviation, organized an investment of RMB 1.716 million to help Lingxia Village develop projects such as photovoltaic power generation, safe drinking water, tea-oil tree planting, rice planting by orders, labor gloves production and railway labor employment, implemented a new targeted poverty alleviation mode of "farmers + orders + physical stores + e-commerce + CR regional groups", launched an on-line special local product order service and built a consumer poverty alleviation platform that combines "online and offline".

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