A "Railway Town" Emerges in the Village

?Published:2019-12-27 ?【字体:??

  The winter sun shines on the train carriage in a newly-built "railway town" of Xinnan Village, Chongdugou Administrative Committee, Luanchuan County, deep in Funiu Mountain in western Henan Province, reflecting dazzling light.

  A "railway town" has been built here without railway connection. Instead of transportation, the "Railway Town" is related to the poverty alleviation of 522 households (1822 people) in Xinnan Village.

  "Railway Town" is a counterpart poverty alleviation project of China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. The project plans to help Xinnan Village build 95 farm guesthouses, tourist service centers and other supporting facilities to help poor households in Xinnan Village shake off poverty and become rich through the development of rural tourism. The project integrates railway-thematic landscape, railway restaurants and other railway elements.

  It is learned that 89 farm guesthouses are open now in Xinnan Village.

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