Small Slow Trains Help People in Old Revolutionary Base Area Enjoy a Bumper Spring Festival

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  Since the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush, the passenger flow of China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. has been relatively stable, with the passenger flow mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Northeast China and other directions, and the train stations in Jinan, Qingdao and other places are concentrated with passengers returning home and visiting their family.

  To meet the travel needs of people in poverty-stricken mountain villages, China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. continued to operate 7053/7054 "small slow trains" from Zibo to Taishan during the Spring Festival travel rush. The train passes through the mountainous areas in the province's central part, with a fare of RMB 11.5 for the whole journey. The lowest fare for travel between stations is only RMB 1, which facilitates the travel of villagers in dozens of villages along the route and becomes a "small slow train for getting rich" for key poverty alleviation villages along the route.

  The opening of the Rizhao-Lankao HSR (Rizhao-Qufu Section) has enabled the people in Yimeng old revolutionary base area to enjoy the EMU trains departed from their hometown. The HSR has many stations in Linyi, and has HSR stations in poverty-stricken old revolutionary base areas such as Fei County and Lijiazhai Village, which has become a booster for people in the old revolutionary base areas to shake off poverty.

  To facilitate people's travel in the old revolutionary base areas, Linyi North Station actively cooperated with the local transport authorities to operate more than 30 buses at the bus station next to the railway station heading to six surrounding counties every day.

  Taishan Station has provided home-trip waiting areas. For passengers who arrive at the station in the early morning and do not take a long-distance bus to home, they can stay overnight in the waiting area with their ID cards and tickets of the day. The station also prepared neck pillows, bolsters and other items to warm up the passengers' "last kilometer" of travel.

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