Dedicated Train for Migrant Workers Returning to Work Helps Targeted Poverty Alleviation

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  At 10:52 on March 2, 621 migrant workers (including 198 from registered poverty-stricken households) from Huayuan, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, holding the dream of getting rid of poverty, set forth on their safe and orderly journey returning to work from Jishou Station on K4535 "Shibadong" targeted-poverty-alleviation work-returning dedicated train, heading to Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. This is the first work-returning dedicated train originated from Huayuan County and the 28th targeted-poverty-alleviation work-returning dedicated train launched by China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. since the outbreak of the epidemic.

  Before the Spring Festival this year, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. operated 117 dedicated trains for targeted poverty alleviation heading to poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces and cities, which have helped more than 140,000 migrant workers return home for reunion.

  At present, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd., resolutely implementing the CPC Central Committee's instructions on coordinated promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, has taken labor export and employment transfer as an important approach for targeted poverty alleviation. It has actively communicated with local governments at all levels and enterprises, and operated the work-returning dedicated trains for targeted poverty alleviation, helping migrant workers in poverty-stricken areas return to their jobs as soon as possible.

  On March 2, the work-returning dedicated train for targeted poverty alleviation was launched to take migrant workers from Huayuan back to work. The cost of taking the dedicated train was sponsored by supporting enterprise. China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has communicated with the human resources and social security authorities in Fenghuang, Huayuan and other places in various ways to find out the needs of migrant workers, identified the flow direction of migrant workers, and specially formulated dedicated train operation plans for migrant workers returning to work, providing "point-to-point" services for migrant workers returning to cities and enterprises for work.

  Jishou Station has made all-out efforts to provide logistics services such as temperature taking, security check when boarding, and whole-process guidance. It has opened up green channels, arranged staff and volunteers to provide convenient and fast passages for passengers with heavy luggage and key passengers such the elderly, the infirm, the sick, the disabled and the pregnant, and actively created an orderly and warm riding environment.

  "The company notified me many times to return to work, but I was worried because of the travel difficulties under epidemic. Today, we are so glad to take this work-returning dedicated train. This work-returning dedicated train has helped us migrant workers a lot." At the departure ceremony, Shi Zhuoxing, a villager from Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, said happily.

  It is reported that Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture has planned to achieve the target of helping 350,000 migrant workers return to work by March 15, with more than 250,000 of them returning to work via organized transport.

  Long Xiaohua, deputy party secretary and governor of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, said: "The dedicated train will only provide seats in 50% of its seating capacity, and the passengers will sit separately in the carriage, which is the most reliable transport mode for us. We express our sincere thanks to the railway authorities."

  According to statistics, from February 18 to March 3, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has organized a total of 31 work-returning dedicated trains for targeted poverty alleviation. Other CR regional groups have also organized 44 work-returning dedicated trains for targeted poverty alleviation heading to Guangdong, as well as 115 dedicated trains heading to East China via the railways under the administration of China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd.

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