"Railway People' Care" Paves the Way to Happiness for Villagers

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  "Please move to the inside of the carriage, and please do not block up the door with your baskets", when the 6062 train from Kunming to Liupanshui stopped at Xiaoxinjie Station at 8:48 on March 17, Chen Yanlei, a crew member of Kunming Passenger Transport Depot is guiding the villagers carrying the baskets to take the trains orderly.

  These villagers are regular passengers on the public welfare "slow trains" of China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. When spring returns to the earth, fresh vegetables such as peas and broad beans planted by villagers gradually mature. In response to the country's call for an orderly resumption of work and production, villagers left their homes one after another, carrying baskets and taking "slow trains" to sell agricultural goods.

  "Health first, making money second. Now is the epidemic period, everyone please wear your mask and sit separately!" At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, but the epidemic prevention work cannot be relaxed. Chen Yanlei patiently provided epidemic prevention information to villagers and guide them to wear masks.

  Wu Shuxiu, who lives in Zhaofupu, takes this train every few days to go to the hospital for physical examination. She does not know much about epidemic prevention and often forget to wear masks when going out. Chen Yanlei found her spare mask and gave it to Wu Shuxiu. "Grandma, pinch your mask at the nose, so wearing it will have effect. There are many people on the train and in the hospital, so don't take the mask off." Chen Yanlei put the mask for Wu Shuxiu and also taught her the correct way to wear it.

  She has been worked on this "slow train" for 8 years, and the villagers who often take the train have become her old acquaintances. This spring, in this battle of epidemic prevention and control, she worked dutifully on her post while laying a safe road to happiness for the villagers with "railway people’s care".

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