Poverty Alleviation Through Consumption Improves Stagnated Sales of Agricultural Products

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  On March 24, Qin Hongyong, an impoverished household in Qiaolao Village, Guling Town, Mashan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was very happy holding the spring ploughing fertilizers he just bought. Thanks to the help of the railway staff, he sold 150 kilograms of oranges and 30 chickens which could not be sold a few days ago in less than 10 minutes. "He can buy spring ploughing pesticides and fertilizers, as well as newly-hatched chicks and ducklings with the money."

  In recent years, Qiaolao Village has vigorously developed local industries, and created the fruit and vegetable ecological agriculture planting base. It now has five professional cooperatives as well as orange, grape, free-range chickens and other planting and farming industries. However, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the fruits in Qiaolao Village could not be sold, and many were rotten from not being picked timely from trees, and the villagers lost the confidence in planting industries.

  In order to help the villagers in Qiaolao Village solve the difficulties, Guangxi Ningtie Engineering Co., Ltd. actively contacted with Qiaolao Village to discuss and promote the poverty alleviation through consumption. It also transported the agricultural and sideline products which could not be sold by the villagers in Qiaolao Village to Nanning, Guangxi, to improve its canteen dishes, and the staff's diet, achieving a win-win result. They also organized the staff to promote the agricultural and sideline products in Qiaolao Village, and buy these products regularly.

  "After the railway staff implemented the poverty alleviation through consumption in Qiaolao Village, the villagers' confidence in poverty alleviation was reinforced. If the agricultural products grown by villagers are well sold, their life will be full of hope." Li Qijun, the first secretary for poverty alleviation in Qiaolao Village, said.

  After targeting Qiaolao Village as the recipient of poverty alleviation assistance, Guangxi Ningtie Engineering Co., Ltd. actively helped the village solve all kinds of practical problems, and played the role of railway force in the poverty alleviation work in Qiaolao Village. On March 20, it purchased the agricultural and sideline products worth of more than RMB 6,000 from poor households in Qiaolao Village.

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