Railway Sector Boosts Luanchuan’s Poverty Alleviation through Consumption

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  "We should also change our thinking mode, establish a high-quality development concept, and enhance the visual impact and taste freshness of Luanchuan agricultural products." On April 15, Luanchuan County held a joint meeting on railway poverty alleviation through consumption to discuss the implementation of railway sector's poverty alleviation work through consumption in 2020.

  Luanchuan is a targeted poverty alleviation county of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. Last year, actively responding to the nation's call for poverty alleviation through consumption, CHINA RAILWAY issued the notice on the activities of "supporting poverty alleviation through consumption and devoting railway sector's love". It incorporated poverty alleviation through consumption into the key points of the annual targeted poverty alleviation work and called on all units to purchase agricultural products from poverty-stricken areas through targeted procurement, collective procurement, e-commerce procurement and other methods. In 2019, CHINA RAILWAY purchased a total of RMB 3.9 million of "Luanchuan Impression" series agricultural and sideline products.

  This year, China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. continued to follow the requirements of CHINA RAILWAY and issued the key points for railway poverty alleviation through consumption in 2020. China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. will give full play to the advantages of the railway, facilitating the entry of "Luanchuan Impression" series of agricultural and sideline products into the "Zhengzhou Shopping Mall" e-commerce platform and offline exhibition & sales experience center of CHINA RAILWAY Express (Zhengzhou). It will coordinate the staff canteens of railway units under its administration on procuring "Luanchuan Impression" series of agricultural and sideline products, and organize the activities of "tasting country style food and purchasing agricultural products" to further open up the market for local agricultural and sideline products.

  It is reported that in 2020, CHINA RAILWAY will spend no less than RMB 5 million purchasing "Luanchuan Impression" series of agricultural and sideline products. In addition, it will organize more than 4,000 staff for a travel to Luanchuan, promoting the poverty alleviation through consumption.

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