Railway Sector Seizes Opportunity to Further Promote Railway Freight Loading and Transportation Efficiency

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  At present, it is the golden season for railway freight transportation. Since November, the railway sector has seized the opportunity of high freight traffic demands to make solid progress in the campaign of increasing the freight traffic volume. It has made all efforts to guarantee empty cars, strengthened the unloading organization and train delivery-receiving at demarcation points. The freight loading volume has maintained at a high level. The number of trains passing demarcation points and that of containers loaded have both hit new single-day high.

  As of November 25, the railway sector has strengthened the adjustment to daily transportation organization, vigorously promoted the implementation of various measures for increasing transport volume and income, and achieved a good result of loading 167,553 wagons per day this month, up 10.7% year on year. The daily freight delivery was 10.182 million tons, up 10.4% year on year.

  To ensure the chain of empty cars is connected and promote the continuous growth in car loading, the railway sector has further improved the unloading capacity, particularly strengthened the transport in the first trips of the trains within a day and night unloading organization, and strove for a night unloading rate of more than 50%. It has timely eliminated the overstock and retained freights to speed up the turnover of trains, and thus enabling the continuous increase of freight. So far, 175,538 wagons were unloaded daily on national railways, an increase of 4,492 wagons over the same period of last year. According to the periodical changes of the maintenance time, the railway sector has fully utilized the corridor capacity to realize the large-scale train delivery-receiving at demarcation points. It has paid special attention to the key work such as construction organization, locomotive-wagon matching and traffic flow adjustment to improve the transportation efficiency under the construction condition of centralized repair. The traffic control department has kept a close eye on the completion of the daily shift plan at the demarcation points, and paid special attention to the locomotive-wagon matching and smoothness in the railway network junctions, ensuring that all freight wagons can be loaded/unloaded and all freights can be delivered. On November 24, 5,134 trains crossed the demarcation points in railways nationwide, breaking the record of 5,106 trains on October 3 and setting a new record. Thanks to smooth traffic flow, the transportation efficiency of railways nationwide was further improved, with a wagon turnover time of 4.34 days, a year-on-year reduction of 0.31 days.

  Seizing the favorable opportunity for the newly-operated open top containers, the railway sector has vigorously developed container transportation, and the increase in freight traffic volume has gradually emerged. As of November 25, 28,032 wagons were loaded with containers per day on railways nationwide this month, up 5,155 wagons year on year. The freight delivery volume was 27.389 million tons, up 28.8% year on year. On November 21, 30,156 wagons were loaded with containers in railways nationwide, reaching a record high.

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