Daily Car Loading of China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. over 31,000 for 29 Consecutive Days

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  At the end of the year, focusing on the targets of the "Ensuring Safety, Stability and Operation; Increasing Transport Volume, Revenue and Benefit" mission, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. has actively taken various measures to solve the difficulties such as phased structural shortage of freight sources and phased regional constraint on transportation capacity. The daily car loading in November and December exceeded 30,000 and 31,000. On December 2, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd.'s daily loading reached a record high of 31,161 cars. As of December 16, the daily car loading had kept above 31,000 for 29 consecutive days, with remarkable achievements made in transport volume increase.

  In view of the recent decrease in temperature and increase in power consumption, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. seized the favorable opportunity for the released demand in power plant coal inventory replenishment and made in-depth business connection with production enterprises and contract customers, striving to fulfill the delivery plans. It has actively guided transfer from direct land transport to customers to reshipment at ports and stabilized the car loading of C80 wagons. It has seized the favorable conditions that China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. strongly supports empty car receiving at the demarcation points, and continued to strengthen the car loading organization of transferred car flows, and properly unitized miscellaneous types of vehicles such as box wagons and flat cars under its administration to ensure stable car loading under its administration and sufficient car flow at the demarcation points. Since the beginning of December, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. has achieved a daily car loading of 31,079, up 6,115 (24.5%) year-on-year, a daily freight delivery volume of 2.208 million tons, up 403 thousand tons (22.3%) year-on-year, reducing the demand-supply gap by 180 thousand tons daily.

  In order to continuously ensure the car loading at high level, the traffic control department of China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. aimed at the structural changes in the empty car receiving at the demarcation points, and made continuous efforts in accurate empty car adjustment, rapid empty car movement, sufficient supply of locomotive shifts, acceleration of empty-loaded car conversion, etc. to ensure the smooth traffic in marshalling stations and timely organization of empty and loaded cars. They strengthened communication with CHINA RAILWAY and the neighboring CR regional groups, actively aligned with the car flow structure, and focused on the junctions with car flow difficulties. Since December, China Railway Taiyuan Group Co., Ltd. has delivered 362 trains per day at the demarcation points, up 11 from the previous month, 65 from the previous year, up 21.9%.

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