CR Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. Launches Targeted Freight Transport Services

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  At 4:35 on April 1, the 86834 train, carrying 45 cars (3,944 tons) of potash fertilizer supporting the spring ploughing in eastern China, left the Qarham Station of China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. and headed for Nanchang, Jiangxi province. On the same day, eight dedicated trains for potash fertilizer originated from Qarham Station, transporting a total of 32,000 tons of potash fertilizer.

  Based on the actual situation in the plateau region, China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. has fully promoted the increase of freight volume and revenue. As of March 31, its daily car loading this year reached 1,788 cars, up 33.8% year on year, its freight delivery reached 10.299 million tons, up 34.9% year on year, and its daily car unloading reached 1,612 cars, up 22.4% year on year.

  To ensure that the farming season is not missed, China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. has set up a marketing service team to visit fertilizer transportation enterprises and industrial parks under its administration to learn about the transportation arrangements of the enterprises. It has analyzed the transportation changes, tracked the number and destination of potash fertilizer trains at any time, and operated fixed-point, fixed-route and fixed-formation freight trains on a "one diagram per day" basis. Since the beginning of this year, China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. has delivered 28,169 cars (1.801 million tons) of potash fertilizer, up 113.9% year on year, and delivered 1.956 million tons of chemical fertilizer, up 111.4% year on year.

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