Railway Sector Takes Diversified Measures to Increase Freight Revenue and Volume

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  Since early March, all units in transportation system of the railway sector, earnestly implementing the unified deployment of the Party Leadership Group of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., have deepened their actions for freight volume growth, and have taken diversified measures to increase the freight revenue and volume, such as strengthening loading organization and ensuring key transportation, adjusting the structure of as-operated trains, strengthening organization and improving the quality and overall benefits of train operation.

  In view of the current situation in freight sources, all unit have followed CHINA RAILWAY's requirements to supplement passenger transport with freight transport. They have strengthened the loading organization to load all possible cargos, stabilized the freight traffic on the key routes, further strengthened the allocation of transport resources to maximize the freight capacity, and have made all-out efforts to meet the freight demands, so as to realize the gradual increase of total freight volume. In March, the daily car loading on national railways reached 148,446 cars, an increase of 3,244 cars year on year. The freight delivery reached 281.54 million tons (with a daily average of 9.08 million tons), up 6.68 million tons from the same period of last year. Facing the shortage in freight sources, both the year-on-year and month-on-month increases were realized.

  To further play the role of CRE trains and China-Central Asia block trains as strategic corridors in the Belt and Road Initiative, the traffic control department of CHINA RAILWAY has proposed strengthening measures and issued dispatching orders from five aspects, namely, preparation of the CRE trains and China-Central Asia block trains' operation plans, capacity guarantee of the container cars, en-route monitoring and control, organization for consolidated transport and analysis on train operation. Meanwhile, the dispatching department has further strengthened the en-route monitoring of key trains such as CRE trains and Central Asia trains to ensure their orderly operation. As of March 25, the railway sector has operated 548 CRE trains and 305 China-Central Asia block trains this month.

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