Changsha South Station

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Located in Lituo Village, Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, Changsha South Station is an important hub connecting Beijing-Guangzhou HSR and Shanghai-Kunming HSR, and also a regional railway passenger transport center in South Central China and a key part of Changsha railway hub.  

The construction of the station commenced in November 2007 and it was officially put into operation in December 2009; the Shanghai-Kunming yard was fully completed and put into use in August 2014. The design of Changsha South Station manifests the regional feature of "mountain-and-river city" integrated with local Hunan culture. The main buildings of the station include five floors i.e. Metro L1, Metro L2, Exit Floor, Platform Floor and Elevated Waiting Floor, with a total floor area of 310,000m2. As a large modern comprehensive traffic hub combining multiple transport modes like railway, metro, bus, taxi, maglev, etc., the railway station boasts all-in-one transfer. 

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