Student-dedicated Train Launched in Yangtze River Delta

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  At 18:12 on December 26, D9564 train, the first student-dedicated EMU train in the Yangtze River Delta, quickly left Zhuji Station carrying 619 middle school students. After more than 2 hours of operation, it arrived safely at Shanghai South Station 220 km away.

  Located in the Yangtze River Delta region, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd., a major CR regional group for HSR and passenger transportation among railways nationwide, has given full play to its advantages of networked HSRs under its administration and connection with HSRs outside the region. It has elaborately explored the passenger transportation market under its administration and exploited the potential increase in the market. This year, its passenger ridership has exceeded 700 million for the first time. The Jinhua Station Depot directly under China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has explored the potential passenger market by closely adhering to the goal of "expanding the passenger transport market and increasing passenger transport revenue". When the depot conducted a market survey in Zhuji, it was found that a local educational institution had more than 10,000 middle school students, mostly from the Yangtze River Delta region, and the school rented buses to shuttle students every month. The marketing team of the depot has visited the educational institution four times to learn the travel demands of the students. In combination with the operation status of trains under its administration, it has deeply explored the potential transportation capacity, designed a special plan for student-dedicated trains, and attracted the educational institution to choose the railway as shuttling modes for the students.

  To guarantee the successful implementation of the plan, the depot has drawn up detailed transfer plans from the school to Zhuji Station and from Zhuji Station to Shanghai South Station. It has set up special bus stops in the stations, and arranged special ticket checking, waiting area, special security check and special guidance services to create a safe, convenient and warm travel environment for students returning home. It has actively enlisted the support of superior, and added a temporary train stop at Songjiang Station to facilitate students to alight near their home and shorten the journey of the short distance connection.

  Teacher Zhou of this educational institution told reporters: "The organizational process of sending students home this time is more convenient than before, which saves students' travel time and enables us to truly experience the high-quality service of the railway, laying the foundation for the large-scale and normalized cooperation between the school and the railway sector."

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