Railway Sector Introduces Ventilation and Disinfection Work for Trains

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  A few days ago, the relevant official of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. accepted an interview to introduce the ventilation and disinfection work on passenger trains concerned by the public.

  According to the official, the passenger trains currently operated in China's railways mainly include EMU trains, conventional air-conditioned trains and conventional non-air-conditioned trains. Most EMU trains have their air supply outlets at the top and air exhaust outlets at the bottom, while a few EMUs have their air supply outlets both at the top and on both sides, and have their air exhaust outlets at the bottom. Conventional air-conditioned trains have their air supply outlets at the top and return air inlet at ends. All EMU trains and conventional air-conditioned trains can continuously supply fresh air in real time, and their technical parameters such as air cleanliness, fresh air volume, air dust concentration, temperature uniformity, temperature and humidity meet the requirements of national standards. Conventional non-air-conditioned trains are mainly ventilated naturally.

  The official stressed that to prevent and control the epidemic, the railway sector has taken effective measures to further strengthen the ventilation and disinfection of passenger trains. First is to optimize the ventilation of EMU trains. For a small number of EMU trains with air supply outlets both at the top and on both sides, the railway sector has optimized the control strategy for air supply system of on-board air conditioner, increasing the top air supply and effectively preventing convective circulation of cross air-flow. For all EMU trains, the railway sector has increased the fresh air supply to the maximum extent, increasing the fresh air supply in different models of EMUs from 17% to 33%. Each car of the EMU train can complete a cycle of fresh air ventilation every 5 to 10 minutes. The second is to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of filter screens of air-conditioned trains. The railway sector has intensified the cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning filter screens for EMU trains and conventional air conditioned trains to ensure the ventilation system works well. The third is to ensure that non-air-conditioned trains are well ventilated. For non-air-conditioned trains, on the premise of ensuring safety, the railway sector has taken measures such as frequently opening the windows and timely ventilation to keep the compartment ventilated.

  The official said that while strengthening ventilation on trains, the railway sector has further strengthened the preventive disinfection, emergency disinfection, terminal disinfection and whole-process sanitary cleaning of various passenger trains, intensified the disinfection of key parts such as toilet door handles, sink faucets, waste box disposal sites, etc., to keep the train environment clean and sanitary, and fully block the spreading of the epidemic.

  The official also reminded the passengers to travel in a civilized manner, protect their personal health and maintain the public hygiene, jointly create a clean and hygienic riding environment, and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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