Railway Sector Introduces Ticketing Discounts for 25 Intercity Railways

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  To earnestly implement the deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accurately preventing and controlling the epidemic and actively restoring the order in economic and social development, and to meet the demands of short-distance intercity commuters resuming work and spring tourists, CHINA RAILWAY has decided to introduce ticketing discounts for some EMU trains operated on certain intercity railways such as Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway.

  According to an official of the passenger transport department of CHINA RAILWAY, the discounts will be implemented successively from March 25, covering more than 200 trains on 25 inter-city railways, with a maximum discount of 45%.

  The 25 inter-city railways where the discounts will be in place are from Harbin to Qiqihar, Harbin to Jiamusi, Mudanjiang to Suifenhe, Jilin to Tumen to Hunchun, Changchun to Baicheng to Ulanhot, Dandong to Dalian, Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou to Xinzheng Airport, Zhengzhou to Kaifeng, Qingdao to Rongcheng, Nanjing to Anqing, Nanchang to Fuzhou, Ganzhou to Ruijin to Longyan, Guangzhou to Zhuhai, Hainan Island-looping, Changsha to Zhuzhou to Xiangtan, Guangzhou to Huizhou, Guangzhou to Zhaoqing, Nanning to Beihai, Chengdu to Leshan to Emei Mountain, Guiyang to Kaiyang, Chongqing to Wanzhou, Dazhou to Chengdu, Chuxiong to Dali and Lanzhou to Zhongchuan Airport.

  The official said that the ticketing discounts for these intercity railways are designed to meet the demands of short-distance intercity commuters and spring tour travelers and to encourage tourists traveling locally while ensuring the epidemic prevention and control. In the next step, adhering to the market-demand-orientation, the railway sector will continue to implement a differentiated ticketing system with flexible discounts, further improve the service quality of inter-city trains and ensure safe and orderly mobility services.

  The railway sector reminds that discounted train tickets will be sold successively from March 24. Passengers can inquire the specific fares on the railway 12306 website or at railway stations.

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