This Spring’s First Tourist-dedicated Train Originated from Hangzhou

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  At 8:25 on March 28, the "Qianjiangyuan" Tourist-dedicated Train carrying more than 300 passengers set off from Hangzhou Station and headed for Kaihua in Zhejiang, a national-level demonstration county for ecological civilization development, which marks the beginning of Yangtze River Delta National Leisure Tourism Festival and the successful operation of the first tourist-dedicated train this spring.

  As the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, to speed up the recovery of the tourism service industry, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently has issued a notice to resume tourism businesses in the province.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has quickly responded to the local government's requirement to resume economic and social development. Its subordinate Shanghai Railway International Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. has communicated with relevant local authorities in the first place, reaching an intention to cooperate on the operation of tourist-dedicated trains, and has carefully designed the operation route of "Qianjiangyuan" tourist-dedicated train. Only one week after this tourism product has been released, the railway sector and local government have invited 60 medical staff, community workers and public security policemen from the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in Hangzhou for this free tour. The tourism product also attracted more than 240 passenger to enjoy the spring scene.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has strictly followed the Guidelines for Orderly Opening of Zhejiang Province's Tourist Attractions under COVID-19 Prevention and Control to refine and improve their epidemic prevention and control measures, take temperature and “health code” of passengers before departure, guide them to wear masks correctly throughout the trip and ensure their safe travel.

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