Closed-loop Management in Yangtze River Delta Railways Prevents Imported COVID-19 Cases

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  In view of the fact that Yangtze River Delta faces a high risk of imported COVID-19 cases, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has deepened the joint defense between railway sector and local government and strengthened the control at stations and on trains to strictly prevent the imported COVID-19 cases. From March 3 to March 29, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has transferred and received 4,337 overseas key passengers, with seamless connection of all links and closed-loop management of the whole process.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has given full play to the advantages of its regional railway offices and key railway station and train units in their external contacts, and has followed up and implemented the latest policies of three provinces and one city in Yangtze River Delta on strictly controlling the import of overseas COVID-19 cases. It has made a thorough investigation on 16 airports with international routes in the Yangtze River Delta region, learning that international flights are currently available in 6 airports. It has learned in detail the control measures such as entry and customs clearance, transfer to local authorities, centralized isolation, and transfer with dedicated vehicles, so as to establish and improve the daily work cooperation and information communication mechanism. It has detailed its work plan, specially studied the transfer plan of overseas travelers involving railway transport, formulated unified standards and specifications, distinguished the arrival of overseas travelers from different CR regional groups, and defined the whole process control measures such as handover between railway sector and local government, temperature taking at stations and on trains, on-the-way monitoring, sanitation and disinfection, so as to prevent the spreading of the epidemic through the railways in a more rigorous and accurate closed-loop prevention and control.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has strictly implemented the prevention and control measures for stations and trains. All stations will check the information of overseas travelers in advance, including their train numbers and destinations, set up a fixed pick-up point according to actual situation, and arrange the handover staff to recheck the information and check temperature at first. They will plan the overseas travelers' walking route in advance, assign special guidance staff, special waiting area and special care, and provide an isolated area for boarding. They will strictly implement the temperature taking at check in/out and spot check every 3 hours on the way, and disinfect the key parts of the stations after the handover.

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