Heilongjiang Resumes Passenger Trains to Wuhan

?Published:2020-04-16 ?【字体:??

  At 14:39 on April 1, the K976/973 train from Harbin West Station to Xiangyang Station departed from Harbin West Station, carrying over 70 passengers onboard returning to Wuhan, Xiaogan, Xiangyang and other places in Hubei province for work. This is the first train bound for Wuhan operated by China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. since Wuhan resumed the arrival services in 17 railway passenger stations.

  To ensure the safe and orderly travel of passengers to Hubei, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has dynamically optimized and adjusted the train operation plan, actively cooperated with the local government to gradually resume the operation of passenger trains in different areas and levels, and made careful preparations in security check, check-in, ticket check and waiting to ensure the safe travel of passengers.

  It has arranged special staff to organize passengers for temperature taking, to disinfect, ventilate and clean the stations and trains in advance, and to guide the passengers to wait for the trains at sufficient spacing distances. It has avoided the gathering of people, and use the broadcast and video at stations and on trains to spread the epidemic prevention and control knowledge.

  According to reports, K1062/1063, Z238/235 and K568/569 trains originating from Harbin and Qiqihar have also resumed their passenger service to Wuhan, Xiangyang, Shiyan and Macheng.

  China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. will resume operation of passenger trains heading to Wuhan one after another, to transport Hubei tourists and workers back to their hometown and workplaces.

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