Tourist-dedicated Trains Heading for Longnan Launched

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  At 7:50 on April 18, under the brand of "Train Tour around West - Jiangnan in Gansu", the D8882 tourist-dedicated train carrying nearly 100 passengers set off from Lanzhou Station to Longnan, Gansu Province, which is reputed as "Jiangnan in Gansu". This marked the successful operation of the first tourist-dedicated train launched by China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. this year in Gansu Province.

  With the situation of epidemic prevention & control gradually improving, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. has actively given full play to the advantages of railway transportation to launch the "point-to-point" tourist-dedicated train, helping Gansu's tourism market recover. Gansu Lantie International Travel Service Co., Ltd. has actively engaged with relevant authorities of Longnan local government to discuss the operation of the tourist-dedicated trains. They have established the tourism alliance of "Train Tour around West", taken the lead in developing the surrounding tourist market, and organized the pre-marketing through WeChat official accounts, Tik Tok and other platforms.

  This tourist-dedicated train will take tourists to Longnan, where they can travel through the Qinling Mountains, encounter rural scenery, experience the Ancient Tea Horse Road, enjoy the RV camping, and taste the tea in western Gansu.

  According to the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. has assigned staff to handle group tour services, master the health and travel needs of passengers, and design the optimal travel routes. The tourist-dedicated train was disinfected and sterilized as required, and the passengers were monitored for temperature dynamically and arranged for separate seating. The train has provided the passengers with "no contact" and "no disturbance" warm services in the whole trip to ensure that they can enjoy the journey at ease.

  The launching of this tourist-dedicated train has made a good start for this year's "Train Tour around West" tourist-dedicated trains. During the May Day holiday, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. will also run three tourist-dedicated trains within Gansu province (Lanzhou - Dunhuang, Longnan - Jiayuguan, and Lanzhou - Tianshui - Pingliang), promoting the recovery of Gansu's tourism industry.

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