Zhangjiakou-Datong High Speed Railway Opens to Traffic
on December 30,2019

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  With Zhangjiakou-Datong HSR opening to traffic on December 30, the ancient capital Datong formally entered the HSR era, and the shortest traveling time to Beijing was reduced to 1 hour and 42 minutes.

  Zhangjiakou-Datong HSR starts from Datong City, Shanxi Province in the west, passes through Yanggao County and Tianzhen County, and finally reaches Huai'an County in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. With a total length of 136 km and a design speed of 250 km/h, the HSR is set with three stations, including Datong South Station, Yanggao South Station and Tianzhen Station. After entering Zhangjiakou City, the HSR connects to Zhangjiakou-Hohhot HSR at Huai'an Station, and links to Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR.

  In the initial operation period of Zhangjiakou-Datong HSR, 7 pairs of regular EMU trains and 1 pair of peak day EMU trains will be operated. The traveling time between Datong and Zhangjiakou is within 53 minutes, and the shortest traveling time between Datong and Beijing is reduced to 1 hour and 42 minutes.

  Before Zhangjiakou-Datong HSR was put into operation, CHINA RAILWAY had carefully organized relevant units to strictly implement various regulations and standards, conduct integrated commissioning & test, inspection, acceptance and safety assessment on various discipline equipment of the HSR, and comprehensively optimize and adjust the track status, pantograph-contact wire performance, train control, and communication & signaling system, ensuring that the HSR can meet the requirements for safe and stable operation. At present, the HSR already meets the requirements for commercial operation.

  Zhangjiakou-Datong HSR is an important transport corridor for passengers leaving Shanxi from its northern area, and also a fast corridor for passenger transport among western Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei and Shanxi. The completion and opening of this HSR will further improve the rapid passenger rail network in North China and greatly facilitate the travel of the people along the HSR. It is of great significance to speed up the development of tourism resources in northern Shanxi and help the national-level poverty-stricken counties such as Yanggao and Tianzhen along the line to shake off poverty.

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