Hanzhong-Bazhong-Nanchong Railway (Bazhong-Nanchong Section) under Full-swing Construction

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  On December 25, Sichuan's first HSR project fully funded and sponsored locally, Hanzhong-Bazhong-Nanchong Railway (Bazhong-Nanchong Section), formally entered the full and substantial construction stage. This railway will connect with the planned Chengdu-Dazhou-Wanzhou HSR in Nanchong, and the traveling time between Bazhong and Chengdu will be greatly reduced.

  Hanzhong-Bazhong-Nanchong Railway is a project listed in China's Mid-and-Long-Term Railway Network Plan and Intercity Railway Construction Plan in Chengdu-Chongqing Region (2015-2020), with a design speed of 250 km/h. From the south to the north, the Bazhong-Nanchong Section starts from the throat area at the Lanzhou end of Nanchong North Station in Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway, passes through Shunqing District, Peng'an County, Nanbu County, Yilong County and Enyang District, Bazhou District and Economic Development Zone of Bazhong City, and connects to Bazhong East Station. The section has six stations, namely, Nanchong North Station, Muba Station, Yilong Station, Ma'an Station, Enyang Station and Bazhong East Station, a main-line length of 147.7 km and a bridge to tunnel ratio of nearly 70%.

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