Holing-through Achieved at Entrance of Hongdoushan Tunnel on Dali-Lincang Railway

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  On the morning of December 25, 2019, after nearly 1300 days of hard work, the holing-through was successfully achieved at the entrance of Hongdoushan Tunnel on Dali-Lincang Railway, which marked a phased victory in the exploration of tunnel construction with "harmful gas" and laid the foundation for the overall holing-through of Hongdoushan Tunnel.

  Hongdoushan Tunnel on Dali-Lincang Railway is 10616m long, adjacent to Lancang River and surrounded by mountains. Materials need to be transported around mountains. Featured with complex geographical conditions and great construction difficulties, the tunnel is a key and difficult control project for the whole railway.

  The 202km Dali-Lincang Railway is a National Railway Class I single-track electrified railway. The opening of Dali-Lincang Railway will effectively improve the transportation efficiency in central and western Yunnan.

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