Railway Sector Joins Hands with Local Governments on Full-scale Resumption of Construction for Key Railway Construction Projects

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  To earnestly implement the deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, recently the railway sector has joined hands with local governments to both promote the epidemic prevention and control and the orderly resumption of construction of a number of key railway construction projects, including Beijing section of Beijing-Shenyang HSR, Daxing Airport-Xiong'an section of Beijing-Xiong'an Inter-city Railway, Yinchuan-Xi'an HSR, Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway, Yuxi-Mohan section of China-Laos Railway and the Fengtai Station Reconstruction Project. As of March 15, except for 2 projects in Hubei and 6 projects in cold northeast and northwest regions that have not been resumed due to climatic reasons, construction has been resumed in 108 railway projects across the country, with a project resumption rate of 93%, and a total of 450,000 workers, including labors, technicians and managers, have been mobilized. Construction has been resumed in all the projects planned to be put into operation this year, with a resumption rate of 100%.

  Construction has been resumed on the Beijing section of Beijing-Shenyang HSR in full swing. Beijing-Shenyang PDL Beijing-Hebei Company has actively promoted project resumption. It has coordinated with the local government on timely approval of the resumption plan, and has fully sorted out the construction organizations and arrangements for the remaining works. Beijing Municipal Government, State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company and other authorities have also provided strong support. They have organized many on-site investigations and arrangements, and actively coordinated on and resolved many issues in power relocation, external power supply works and water pipeline relocation, especially in acceleration of power relocation. At present, construction has been resumed at 17 work sites in the three contract sections of Beijing-Shenyang HSR in full swing and 2,360 people have been mobilized.

  Construction of Daxing Airport-Xiong'an section of Beijing-Xiong'an Inter-city Railway has also been accelerated. With the strong support of Xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province, works such as Daxing Airport-Xiong'an New Area section and Xiong'an Station building of Beijing-Xiong'an Intercity Railway have been fully resumed. Insisting on both focusing the epidemic prevention and the resumption of construction, Xiong'an HSR Company has actively promoted the project construction. It has set up files and registers for over 7,700 mobilized workers according to regulations, strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures in canteens, dormitories, work sites and other places. All railway builders have stepped up their construction to ensure the completion and opening of the entire Beijing-Xiong'an Intercity by the end of 2020.

  Breakthrough has been achieved in key critical works of Yinchuan-Xi'an HSR. Local governments in Xi'an and Xianyang in Shaanxi Province have strongly supported the resumption of railway projects and given priority to ensuring the resumption of key critical works. At present, construction has been resumed on Yinchuan-Xi'an HSR's key critical works, such as the Weihe River Four-track Super Major Bridge, and all work sites in Xixian New District and Xi'an Economic Development Zone in Shaanxi Province. Xi'an-Chengdu PDL Shaanxi Company and Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway Company have earnestly refined the construction schemes as per the actual conditions, and scientifically arranged the project milestones. They have dispatched guarantee teams to strengthen the management and organization of construction workers, mechanical equipment and supplies, enhance the supervision of project safety and quality, and adhere to the target of putting the project into operation within this year.

  Construction has been resumed on Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway orderly. The Shanxi Provincial Government has attached great importance to the construction resumption of Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway. It has held on-site meetings to timely solve the railway's difficulties in resumption, allocated materials in stock to meet the railway's demands for resumption and has deployed a batch of epidemic prevention supplies for the railway builders in priority. Datong-Xi'an PDL Company and Henan Inter-city Railway Company have actively engaged with local governments along the railway to satisfy its demand in labor, materials, equipment, etc. in priority, so as to accurately and orderly push forward the resumption of the project. At present, construction has been resumed on Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway in full swing.

  Construction of Yuxi-Mohan section of China-Laos Railway has been accelerated. During the Spring Festival, China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. had continued construction at 132 work sites of the railway to fully accelerate its construction progress. On February 15 and March 13, the holing-through was respectively achieved as scheduled in Lixin Tunnel, a Level-I high-risk tunnel, and Wanhe Tunnel, a tunnel over 10,000m long. It has strengthened coordination and cooperation with local governments to work out resumption plans in time, and effectively solve difficulties in staff returning to work, transportation support, material supply, etc. At present, construction has been fully resumed and more than 19,000 railway builders are making every effort to speed up the construction and strive for the early completion of this symbolic project of China-Laos friendship.

  Fengtai Station Reconstruction Project has been pushed forward steadily. Beijing Municipal Government has provided strong support in speeding up the resumption approval, efficiently coordinating on the mobilization of workers, materials and equipment, and simultaneously advancing the supporting works such as Fengtai Station of Beijing Metro Line 16. China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd. has actively coordinated with the local government and construction contractors to work out the resumption plan in advance, make detailed efforts in epidemic prevent and control for workers and sites, and quickly organize the mobilization of labors. At present, the project is progressing steadily and orderly.

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