Construction of Railway Projects in Guangxi Fully Resumed

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  By ensuring all possible construction sites are opened, all possible projects are going ahead and all possible work resumption conditions are satisfied, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. has made every effort to push forward the resumption of railway construction projects, helping laborers in poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty. As of March 19, construction has resumed in five key railway projects under construction, including Guiyang-Nanning HSR, Fangchenggang-Dongxing Railway and Nanning-Chongzuo Railway, and 268 project sites in Guangxi, with a resumption rate of 100%.

  To accelerate the project construction while ensuring the epidemic prevention and control, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened the epidemic prevention and control on the construction sites. Focusing on "preventing imported covid-19 cases and controlling person contact", it has organized the "point-to-point" chartered buses for workers, kept communications with the origin places of workers, and taken temperature-taking and other measures to ensure all mobilized workers are safe. It has divided the staff into small management units, assigned special staff for external procurement, and implemented closed management for workers to ensure they are safe before and after work.

  While pushing forward the resumption of railway construction projects, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. is actively fulfilling its social responsibility, encouraging construction contractors to employ labors from poverty-stricken areas in priority, purchase local production and living materials in priority, helping Guangxi win the decisive battle against poverty. At present, of the 17,000 workers in Guangxi's 5 railway construction projects, more than 9,000 are from poverty-stricken areas such as Baise and Hechi. Learning that the Du'an County in Guangxi aims to lift its 65 poverty-stricken villages out of poverty this year, the Project Department of Guiyang-Nanning HSR has provided jobs for labors from over 200 poverty-stricken families, in addition to the more than 200 poverty-stricken families that have been provided with jobs previously.

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