Lu Dongfu Meets Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen, Chairman of Board of MTR Corporation Limited

?Published:2020-01-17 ?【字体:??

  On the afternoon of January 3, Lu Dongfu, Chairman of the Board of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., held a meeting at the headquarters office of CHINA RAILWAY with Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen, Chairman of Board of MTR Corporation Limited.

  Lu Dongfu congratulated Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen on his appointment as Chairman of the Board of MTR Corporation Limited and welcomed Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen and his delegation. Lu Dongfu pointed out that after the Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong HSR was put into operation, Hong Kong's access to the national HSR network further promoted economic and trade exchanges and personnel exchanges between Hong Kong and the mainland, and enhanced the sense of happiness and fulfillment of people in Hong Kong. To ensure the safe and orderly operation of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong HSR, CHINA RAILWAY and MTR Corporation Limited have strengthened cooperation and coordination, strengthened transportation organizations, implemented various safe operation measures, and further deepened the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. Lu Dongfu said, CHINA RAILWAY, adhering to the principle of taking care of Hong Kong compatriots and realizing mutual benefit and win-win results, will further work out detailed operation plan for high speed trains between mainland and Hong Kong, actively and steadily promote the integration of ticketing systems, continuously improve the quality of passenger service, and better integrate Hong Kong into the national HSR network.

  Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen thanked CHINA RAILWAY for its warm reception and congratulated CHINA RAILWAY on its restructuring. He pointed out that in recent years, railways on the mainland, especially HSRs, have made remarkable achievements. HSRs are safe, comfortable, convenient and fast. As a component of the national HSR network, the newly opened Hong Kong Section of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong HSR has greatly shortened the space-time distance between Hong Kong and the mainland, facilitated communication between the two places, and has become an important means of transportation for more and more Hong Kong citizens. MTR Corporation Limited is very willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with CHINA RAILWAY. It is hoped that CHINA RAILWAY will provide more support in terms of innovating transportation organization, optimizing train operation plan, improving ticket service quality, etc. to help boost development of railways in Hong Kong.

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