106 Tourist-dedicated Trains for Tour Around the West Operated in Last Two Years

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  China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. operated 106 "Train Tour around the West" tourist-dedicated trains in 2018 and 2019, carrying more than 80,000 passengers.

  In 2019, insisting on promoting characteristic tourism, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. developed six tourist train routes represented by Tianshui tourist circle route featuring with "Chinese Cultural Root-seeking". It organized the long-distance tourist-dedicated trains from Gansu to Shanghai, Kunming and other popular tourist cities, forming a diversified tourist-dedicated train structure consisting of EMU trains, conventional trains and through trains.

  China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. applied "one diagram per day" and developed "Fuxing" EMU tourism products suitable for individual tourists and small tourism teams. Focusing on product promotion, it had held promotion shows for Gansu tourism and "train tour around the west" tourist-dedicated train in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other places, publicized "train tour around the west" product in overseas markets such as Singapore, thus enhancing the influence and popularity of "train tour around the west" in China and abroad. Taking advantage of the newly-opened Dunhuang Railway, it had developed "Gansu-Qinghai-Ningxia" tourist circle route and promoted the operation of tourist-dedicated train to achieve new breakthroughs.

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