Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith Visits CR

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  On the afternoon of January 5, Thongloun Sisoulith, the Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, paid a visit to China State Railway Group Co Ltd (CR) and had a meeting with Lu Dongfu, Chairman of the Board of CR and Yang Yudong, General Manager of CR, on deepening cooperation in railway construction between China and Laos.

  Thongloun spoke highly of the accomplishment made by China in railway development and fully recognized the achievements made in the construction of China-Laos Railway. Thongloun pointed out that China-Laos Railway is a major project promoted by the top leaders of China and Laos, and is a bond for China and Laos to achieve mutually beneficial development. Upon being put into operation, the project will provide a strong impetus for the economic and social development of Laos and bring more benefits to the people of China and Laos. The Lao government attaches great importance to the construction of China-Laos Railway, especially after the meeting held with Comrade Lu Dongfu in Vientiane at the end of last year, the relevant authorities of both countries have strengthened communication and coordination to effectively overcome the difficulties and solve the problems encountered in the construction of the project, and important progress has been made in various aspects. Thongloun pointed out that China has made remarkable achievements in railway development, especially in HSRs. China's HSR ranks first in the world in terms of mileage, operating speed and technology. Its rich experiences in construction and operation are worth learning from by the railway sector of Laos. Thongloun hoped that China will further step up the construction progress of China-Laos Railway and provide more support and assistance to Lao railway sector in personnel training and operation preparation. The Lao government will fully support the construction of China-Laos Railway and provide a sound external environment for the construction and development of China-Laos Railway.

  Lu Dongfu and Yang Yudong extended their welcome to PM Thongloun and his delegation and expressed their heartfelt thanks to PM Thongloun for his concern and strong support for China-Laos Railway. Lu Dongfu pointed out that there is a deep traditional friendship between the CPC and the LPRP, and the governments and peoples of China and Laos, especially since the beginning of the new era, the two countries have continued to deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership. China-Laos Railway is a landmark project for China-Laos friendship, and a major cooperation project in China's Belt and Road Initiative and Lao strategy of "transformation from a land-locked state to a land-linked state". Thanks to the cordial care and direct promotion by the top leaders of the CPC and the LPRP and of China and Laos, the collaboration between Chinese and Lao authorities and the joint efforts of the railway builders of the two countries, China-Laos Railway has made solid progress in all aspects and has continuously achieved important construction results. Continuously giving full play to the advantages in technology and management, China's railway sector will deepen the exchanges and cooperation with Laos in all aspects, accelerate the advancement of China-Laos Railway, and earnestly complete the model selection and procurement of locomotive and car, the training of Lao personnel, and the preparation of operation plans, ensuring that China-Laos Railway can be put into operation by the end of 2021 on schedule.

  After the meeting, Lu Dongfu and Yang Yudong accompanied Thongloun and his delegation to visit the Traffic Control and Command Center of CR. Thongloun listened to the introduction given by the head of the Traffic Control and Command Center of CR, and hoped that with the help and support of China's railway authorities, Laos would have a modern railway traffic control and command system and safety management system as soon as possible.

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