Gansu Launches Rail-Sea Express Train at Jiayuguan

?Published:2020-01-29 ?【字体:??

  At 10:30 on January 10, with a whistle blowing, a container train loaded with aluminum products departed from Jiazhou Logistics Special Line of Jiayuguan Greening Station, marking the successful launching of Gansu's first rail-sea express train.

  After these aluminum products are delivered at Tianjin Port by rail, they will be transferred to Guangzhou Port by ship. When being unloaded, these aluminum products will be transported to the customer's warehouse by short-distance transport truck. The whole journey is expected to take 8 days. Using the through transit mode of "highway + railway + sea" intermodal transport, the rail-sea express train not only greatly reduces the comprehensive logistics costs of the enterprises, but also improves the market competitiveness of their products.

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