Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., Ltd. Listed on SSE Main Board

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  On the morning of January 16, the ceremony of A-shares issuing in the initial public offering (IPO) of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., Ltd. (BSHSR) was held at Shanghai Stock Exchange, as "China's first HSR stock", marks important progress in the shareholding system reform of CR enterprises. Lu Dongfu, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CHINA RAILWAY, attended the ceremony. He pointed out that railway officials and employees shall earnestly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on railway work, taking the listing of BSHSR as a new starting point, deepen the law-and-market-based business operations of railways, promote the high-quality development of railways, not only provide the people with high-quality travel brought by HSR construction, but also allow the people to share the spillover benefits of high-quality HSR assets. Ying Yong, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shanghai, attended the ceremony, and extended his congratulations on the listing of the BSHSR. Lu Dongfu and Ying Yong jointly launched the listing of BSHSR.

  At 9:06, the ceremony kicked off in a festive and warm atmosphere. More than 260 guests and representatives gathered together and watched the publicity video of Beijing-Shanghai HSR. Officials of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., Ltd., CSC Financial Co., Ltd. and China Railway Investment Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively. Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai Stock Exchange signed the Listing Agreement.

  Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., Ltd.'s stock, named "BSHSR" and coded 601816 has issued 6.286 billion shares, accounting for 12.84% of the total share capital, with an issue price of RMB 4.88 per share. The stock of BSHSR was closed at a maximum rising of 44% when it was listed, and the market continued to chase after it. The turnover rate reached 54% on that day and it was finally closed at RMB 6.77, up 38.7%, with a turnover of RMB 9.17 billion and a market value increase of nearly RMB 100 billion. It is the most successful IPO project in recent market, reflecting the high recognition on the "BSHSR". On the same day, MSCI, a world-renowned stock index, announced that it would include the "BSHSR" stock in index stocks and introduce it to capital markets around the world.

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