Railway Sector Extends Ticket Refund Time Limit

?Published:2020-02-10 ?【字体:??

  To win the battle of prevention and control of new coronavirus-caused pneumonia epidemic and further facilitate passengers to refund tickets, the railway sector decided to extend the ticket refund time limit for passengers who have purchased tickets in cash or have picked up paper tickets (including reimbursement vouchers) before 24:00 January 27, if they are temporarily unable to refund their tickets at the stations.

  Tickets purchased before 24:00 on January 27 with the train departure time between 0:00 on January 28 and 24:00 on February 26 can be refunded before 24:00 on March 25. If the entrance of the departure station shown on the ticket is closed, the ticket can be refunded within 30 days from the date of reopening of the station entrance. Refund of tickets can only be processed at stations in the place where the ticket is purchased or at the place of departure. Refund fees will continue to be waived and railway passenger insurance will be refunded together.

  The railway department reminds that passengers who did not pick up paper tickets that had been purchased on 12306 website (including reimbursement vouchers) could still get refund online.

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