Passenger’s Mobile Phone Number Must Be Provided When Buying Train Tickets Since February 1

?Published:2020-02-10 ?【字体:??

  According to the requirements of relevant authorities, in order to strengthen the infection prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus and facilitate timely contact with passengers when necessary, from February 1 onwards, ticket buyers must provide the mobile phone number of each passenger when buying train tickets. Key passengers such as minors, the elderly and passengers without mobile phones can provide the mobile phone numbers of their guardians, relatives or friends who can be contacted in time. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists and foreign tourists can provide their e-mail addresses.

  The railway sector will protect the privacy of passengers according to the law, and check the authenticity of their phone numbers when necessary. Failure to pass the check will affect their further purchase of tickets. This measure was implemented in advance on (including its mobile phone app). In order to improve ticketing efficiency, it is recommended that ticket buyers could fill in the mobile phone number of passengers in advance on (including its mobile phone APP).

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