Railway Sector Strengthens Freight Transport Organization to Support Production Resumption and People's Livelihood

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  Recently, the railway sector has earnestly implemented the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, focusing on both winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the safe and smooth railway transportation. While scientifically arranging transportation services for passengers in return trip, it also took effective measures to strengthen railway freight organizations. In January 2020, national railways have transported 360 million tons of cargoes, with a daily average of 11.73 million tons. 44990 cars of thermal coal were loaded on a daily basis, ensuring power plants of direct power supply across the country have a coal storage enough for consumption for over 20 days in average. The reliable transportation has helped enterprises resume production and guaranteed people's livelihood.

  According to Zhao Jun, director general of the Freight Department of CHINA RAILWAY, facing the responsibilities of serving the national economy and the people's livelihood and maintaining the national economic and social order, the railway sector has laid its focus on key areas, deeply exploited the potential freight sources and coordinated the transport capacity arrangement to ensure the safe, smooth and orderly transportation of railway freight. First, the railway sector has strengthened the transportation of emergency key supplies to ensure the epidemic prevention and control. According to the national and local governments' requirements for transportation of epidemic prevention and control supplies and living materials, it has opened up green channels to allow the fast handling, fast empty car distribution, fast loading, fast coupling, fast transportation, fast unloading and fast delivery, handled special cases with special methods, and treated urgent matters quickly, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control supplies and living materials can be delivered as quickly as possible. Second, the railway sector has formulated targeted transportation plans to help enterprises resume work and production. It has kept active contact with all levels of local governments and enterprises, learned the production and living needs of the public and the production resumption arrangements of enterprises, given full play to its advantages in unified traffic control and command, and effectively connected the suppliers and the purchasers. According to the material transportation needs of enterprises, it has formulated targeted transportation organization plans in the principle of "one policy for one enterprise", and coordinated and helped key enterprises resume production as soon as possible. Third, the railway sector has focused on the freight volume increase of coal and other key materials to ensure the needs of the national economy and people's livelihood. It has optimized the transportation organization on coal transportation corridors such as Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, Tangshan-Hohhot Railway, Watang-Rizhao Railway and Haolebaoji-Ji’an Railway to ensure the coal for power generation, heat supply and residents' heating during the Spring Festival. It has fully organized the freight volume increase of iron & steel and ore from the ports to meet the winter reserve and production needs of iron & steel, nonferrous metal and other enterprises. It has strengthened the transportation of grain, chemical fertilizers and other agricultural-related materials to guarantee the residents' living materials, livestock feed, and fertilizer reserve for spring ploughing. Fourth, the railway sector has strengthened the car loading and unloading organization to improve the efficiency of railway transportation. In view of the serious shortage of labor caused by the epidemic in Hubei and other regions, it has strengthened the allocation of machinery and labor, coordinated the utilization of car loading and unloading capability, mobilized Party members and cadres to take the lead, and set up a railway staff task team to organize loading and unloading, so as to ensure the smooth transportation.

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