CHINA RAILWAY Deploys Key Work in Epidemic Prevention and Control for Spring Festival Return-trip Transportation

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  Recently, CHINA RAILWAY held a Party Leadership Group meeting under the subject of studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, and studying and implementing the spirit of the fifth meeting of the Central Leading Group on Epidemic Response and the videophone conference on ensuring the transportation of nationwide epidemic prevention and control supplies and staggered arrangement of return trips during Spring Festival travel rush. Lu Dongfu, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CHINA RAILWAY, presided over the meeting and stressed that the railway sector should unify its thoughts and actions under the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, resolutely obey the unified command, coordination and dispatch of the CPC Central Committee, and make all-out efforts to implement the three major tasks of "ensuring the smooth and safe railway transportation, winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control in railway sector, and ensuring the health and epidemic prevention of railway workers" according to the requirements of "concerted efforts, scientific prevention and control and targeted policies", so as to promote the full and orderly implementation of key annual tasks and make due contributions to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control and maintaining the stability in economy and society.

  First, the railway sector shall develop targeted policies and make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic. According to the actual situation of the work concerning the return trip after the Spring Festival, it shall scientifically allocate the railway's passenger transport capacity, strictly implement the measures such as ventilation, cleaning and disinfection at stations and of trains cars, strengthen the body temperature monitoring on passengers entering and leaving the stations and on the running trains, and coordinate with local authorities on properly handling the passengers with high temperature in a timely manner, so as to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control in the railway sector. It shall strengthen the health and epidemic prevention for railway staff, strictly implement the prevention and control on staff of key units and key positions, and effectively protect the health and safety of primary-level staff. It shall resolutely eliminate the formalism and bureaucracy, reduce the burden on the grassroots and allow officials and employees to concentrate on the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

  Second, the railway sector shall make all-out effort to ensure the safe railway transportation. It shall adhere to the political red line and professional bottom line, strictly implement various safety management measures to ensure the safe, continuous and stable railway transportation. It shall strengthen the communication and alignment with relevant national and local authorities, prioritize key cases and handle them with special methods, fully meet the transportation requirements of epidemic prevention personnel, medical personnel and emergency public officials, and fully ensure the transportation of medical protection materials, residents' daily necessities and other key supplies. It shall strengthen the development of the freight market, vigorously exploit and organize effective freight sources, concentrate its efforts on the battle of increasing freight volume, and strive to subsidize freight transport with passenger transport, and realize the increase in transport volume and revenue.

  Third, the railway sector shall fully promote key works of the year, making unified planning with due consideration for all concerned. It shall scientifically and orderly advance the railway construction, strengthen the preparatory work for major projects such as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway and Chengdu-Chongqing HSR (Middle Line), and resume the all-round construction of key projects step by step, so as to lay the foundation for meeting the requirements of "stable employment, stable financial sector, stable foreign trade, stable foreign investment, stable domestic investment, and stable expectations" and completing the annual investment objective. It shall deepen the structural reform on the transportation supply side, thoroughly implement three major measures, and strive to complete the task of passenger and freight transportation. It shall further strengthen the overall budget management, vigorously reduce expenditure and consumption, and create conditions for the realization of the annual business objectives. It shall make overall efforts to deepen railway reform, innovate in science and technology, and serve poverty alleviation. It shall support the construction under the Belt and Road Initiative and Party building and promote clean corporate governance, so as to ensure the solid progress in all key railway work.

  Fourth, the railway sector shall unite its strength and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all officials and employees. It shall enhance the publicity and public opinion work, guiding the officials and employees to take on their responsibility, dedicate themselves, and bravely overcome the difficulties together, and resolutely winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control in railway sector. The railway sector shall give full play to the role of organizations at all levels, combine the strict control with kindly caring, and care for the lives of the staff. It shall strengthen the ideological and political work, enhance the psychological counseling for primary-level staff in epidemic prevention and control, provide scientific management according to local conditions, strictly enforce discipline and norms, eliminate all kinds of doubts, firm the belief in winning, and ensure the stability of the railway staff and the railway sector.

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