CR Harbin Group Co., Ltd. Operates Dedicated Train Carrying 3,000 Tons of Heilongjiang Rice to Hubei

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  At 15:00 on February 14, a 49-car freight train fully loaded with 3,000 tons of rice from Sanjiang Plain departed at Jiamusi Station and headed for Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. This was Heilongjiang's first dedicated train transporting the rice donated to Hubei Province.

  To provide more support in the pairing assistance in the prevention and control of Hubei's novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the CPC Committee and the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province decided to urgently mobilize 3,000 tons of high-quality Heilongjiang rice to aid Hubei. On February 13, after receiving the transportation demand from Jiamusi municipal government, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. contacted two grain production enterprises immediately. Jiamusi Station has studied and refined the rice loading plan overnight, adjusted three dedicated lines, mobilized 130 loading workers, and dispatched more than 40 loading machines to complete loading with the greatest efforts. Party members, officials and operation backbones at the station have formed a 20-people special team to closely monitor the inspection before loading, stacking during loading and tightening after loading, etc., ensuring the timely and efficient loading of rice and showing the "CR Harbin’s speed and Heilongjiang people’s caring".

  At 5:10 on February 17, the train arrived in Xiaogan and the rice was delivered to the local people immediately.

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