CR Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. Urgently Purchases Fresh Lotus Roots to Support Wuhan

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  Recently, following the deployment and arrangement made by China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has purchased 90 tons of lotus root urgently to support Wuhan, Hubei Province.

  On January 24, the Chinese New Year's Eve, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. received an urgent request for lotus root procurement. Attaching great importance to this task, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has assigned an official of Changsha Station Depot to Yueyang for the procurement, and dispatched an official familiar with the local situation in Yueyang to make the business contact for procurement and find the supply by all means.

  After learning that Xiangyin County in Yueyang City is rich in high-quality lotus roots, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. sped up the contact and coordination, and sent official letters to Xiangyin County People's Government to ask for support. With the strong support of Xiangyin county and township governments, two batches of 40 tons of lotus roots were transported to Wuhan on January 26 and 30.

  Facing the problems such as road traffic control and shortage of loading and unloading workers, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has set up an emergency team composed of party members at Yueyang Station to urgently load and unload the lotus roots, ensure these lotus roots are taken as priority in terms of consignment acceptance, loading and car coupling, and ensure they could be transported to Wuchang Station as luggage. On February 6, the additional 20 tons of lotus root purchased were transported on time.

  On February 14, the last batch (30 tons) of lotus roots set foot on the journey and arrived in Wuhan on February 15.

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