CR Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. Adds Baggage Cars to Trains, Enhancing Transportation Capacity

?Published:2020-02-24 ?【字体:??

  On February 4, the 4 railway baggage cars fully overhauled and serviced by the rolling stock department of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. were coupled to the K352/351 train running from Chengdu Station to Shanghai South Station. This will further enhance the railway sector's capability in transporting epidemic prevention supplies to Wuhan, Hubei.

  Recently, rolling stock and passenger transportation organizations under the administration of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. have made all-out efforts to transport Sichuan’s epidemic prevention supplies and living materials aid for Hubei, providing strong logistical support for the epidemic prevention work.

  The K352/351 train with the on-duty Chengdu Passenger Transport Depot and Chengdu Car Depot has undertaken the transport of epidemic prevention supplies and living materials to Wuchang and other areas along the route since January 23. From February 2 to 18, this train coupled with double baggage cars had greatly improved the material transportation capacity. To ensure the luggage & parcel service on K352/351 train, Chengdu Passenger Transport Depot had added 2 additional luggage clerks to each of the 13 crew teams working on this train. As of February 7, this train had transported a total of 18,125 pieces of epidemic prevention supplies, including gloves, insulating clothing, disinfectant, drugs and medical rescue equipment.

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