CR Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. Quickly Loads and Transports Dairy Products to Support Wuhan

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  At 1:30 on February 3, 41104 freight train loaded with 83,058kg high-quality dairy products departed from Korla Station during the night to support Wuhan. These supplies, donated by Xinjiang Ruiyuan Dairy Co., Ltd. and transported by China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd., arrived at Wujiashan Station of Wuhan on February 8.

  When disaster struck, help came from all sides. Ruiyuan Dairy, located in Korla City, decided to donate RMB 1.582 million worth of high-quality dairy products to Wuhan, including hard cheese, oat yogurt and pure milk.

  China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. attached great importance to the transportation of these supplies. It immediately reported to China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. and worked out a scientific scheme suitable for dairy product transportation and made a proper delivery plan.

  Korla Freight Center has taken special measures to handle these donated supplies. It has actively dispatched special personnel to contact with Ruiyuan Dairy for receiving/delivery and short-distance barge with trucks. It has waived the charges for short-distance multimodal transport, opened up green channels and optimized loading procedures to facilitate the transportation of donated supplies.

  In order to ensure that the donated supplies can be transported to Wuhan quickly, the Korla Freight Center and Korla Station of Korla Depot worked closely. The young workers of the shunting team at Korla Station played their role as "fresh troops" and "commandos", raced against time in receiving and delivering freight, and quickly executed the train alignment and receiving/delivery operation, completing the task used to take 25 minutes in only 10.

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