CR Nanning Group Co., Ltd. Launches Dedicated Trains to Transport Donations from Guangxi Enterprises

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  On February 6, the second dedicated trains transporting donations from Guangxi arrived at Xianning Station, where the supplied are unloaded and then transferred to various destinations across Hubei "Fighting, Hot Dry Noodles, River Snails Rice Noodle is coming!" On the Internet, netizens made such comments on this dedicated train transporting 189 tons of people's living supplies such as river snails rice noodle, fruits and vegetables.

  This dedicated train operated by China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. consists of 11 mechanical refrigerator containers and one general purpose container, which are loaded with 30,000 boxes of Guangxi special snacks-river snails rice noodle, as well as high-quality fruits and vegetables such as bell pepper, sweet taro, celery, Chinese cabbage, white radish and orange.

  Recently, dozens of enterprises in Guangxi have expressed their wish to donate. Boxes of river snails rice noodle were quickly packed, vegetables were picked overnight, and oranges were immediately sorted one by one. China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. has coordinated with relevant enterprises in picking, sorting, packaging, transportation and assembly to complete the whole process within 18 hours.

  In order to ensure the safe and rapid delivery of these living supplies, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. contacted the consignors in advance to learn the specific conditions of these cargoes to be transported. It has developed targeted loading plans, looked for the appropriate trains, and ensured that the containers can be transported in place on time. Adhering to the principle of "planning, empty car distribution, loading and coupling in priority", it has opened up green channels for these cargoes. It has organized Party members to guarantee the transportation and make their full efforts to ensure fast loading and transportation of cargoes. It also monitored the train operation status in real-time by 5T intelligent inspection equipment, so as to ensure the transportation safety.

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