CR Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. Operates 19 Circulation Trains for Transporting Urgently-needed Thermal Coal

?Published:2020-02-26 ?【字体:??

  At 17:38 on February 13, at Yinzhuang Station on the outskirts of Nanjing, an open-top container train set off slowly carrying 1,600 tons of coal. After 2 hours and 38 minutes, the train arrived safely at Chuzhou North Station 64 km away. Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd.'s urgent needs for coal were therefore met.

  Affected by the epidemic, the company's raw materials cannot be transported by road, and the coal reserves are in short supply. After learning about the situation, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. took the initiative to meet the transportation needs of the enterprise. In view of the fact that the whole trasnport distance is relatively short, it immediately worked out a "bulk-to-container" transportation plan and operated a 20-foot 35-ton open-top container circulation train to ensure transportation efficiency, environmental protection and sanitation.

  Nanjing Freight Center of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. acted quickly and took the initiative to overcome the local shortage of open-top containers and other difficulties. It deployed car bodies and open-top containers from southern Anhui and coordinated the loading and unloading operations at stations simultaneously to improve the operation efficiency at both locations. It has set up an emergency team composed of the Party and League members to provide efficient service to customers from the aspects of loading demand reporting, on-site operation monitoring, logistics tracking, etc. and was planned to transport 30,000 tons of coal within 19 days to ensure normal production of the enterprise.

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