CR Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. Carefully Organize Smooth Transportation of Spring Ploughing Supplies

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  "There will be 70 tons of fertilizer arriving at your station tomorrow, please get ready for unloading in advance ..." At 11: 10 on February 13, customer manager Wang Sen of Anshan Marketing Department of Benxi Freight Center connected with the on-duty staff of Siping Business Office of Changchun Freight Center in detail through the dispatching and command system.

  As the it turned warm, the farmers in Northeast China are beginning to prepare for spring ploughing. China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. regards the transportation of spring ploughing supplies as an important task, carefully organizes and fully guarantees their transportation, and strives to allocate sufficient transportation capacity for spring ploughing. Since the beginning of this year, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. has transported a total of 1,799 cars (111,200 tons) of fertilizer.

  In order to reduce the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on the transportation of spring ploughing supplies, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd.'s dispatching, freight transportation and train station departments have cooperated closely and actively coordinated with relevant CR regional groups and local government authorities to ensure the smooth channels for transporting, receiving and unloading of spring ploughing supplies, and realized their "arrangement in priority, consignment in priority, organization in priority, loading and unloading in priority and coupling for transportation in priority."

  The freight centers have strengthened connection with fertilizer and seed distributors through telephone, Internet and other platforms, and applied railway's flexible pricing policies for marketing. They have learned the transportation needs of enterprises, helped them solve practical problems, and realized the increase of freight volume while ensuring the prevention and control of epidemic. They have coordinated the receiving-departure tracks, loading and unloading machines, manpower and other resources to ensure the immediate loading and transport.

  Changchun Freight Center has set up a loading and unloading service team led by the center's leaders and composed of the Party members and officials to help the enterprises with unloading and establish a good cooperation with customers. It has now transported 207 cars (13,010 tons) of fertilizer.


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