CR Wuhan Group Co., Ltd.: Careful Maintenance Safeguards High Speed Railway Supply Lines

?Published:2020-02-26 ?【字体:??

  "When Wuhan wins, Hubei wins. When Hubei wins, China wins." As the main battlefield against the epidemic, in recent days, Wuhan converges the medical teams and medical supplies from all over the country. A safe and smooth HSR network has become a transportation artery for epidemic prevention and control. Up to now, the railway sector has transported nearly 5,400 medical workers, over 30,000 pieces of medical supplies and over 7,100 tons of living supplies to Wuhan via HSRs.

  China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has resolutely implemented the relevant requirements of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. on ensuring the transport safety of medical workers and rescue supplies, scientifically conducted the maintenance of HSR lines, carefully inspected and maintained the HSR equipment, and safeguarded the HSRs as the transportation corridor for emergency supplies, and thus providing solid transportation guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

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